December 12

The evacuation

Last week on Thursday there was an evacuation. Everybody was scared. Most people were scared. It was just a prank phone call. We had to walk all the way to Shepp High. It wasted the police`s time and our time to be learning.
I forgot to bring a hat and a drink bottle. Some people took their lunchbox. When we came back it was recess.

December 12

My ballet concert!

This week on Saturday and Sunday I had a ballet concert it was fun and exciting. I saw Meave on Saturday she came to see my friend Miette becouse Miette is my other friend meave. On Sunday my friend Abbey b came. I had a great time it was fun.I was tiered. THE END.

By Abbie Gretton 2016

November 23

My weekend

On the weekend I was dancing all day for my concert. The concert is this week on Saturday and Sunday.  I don’t know what time it is but I am really excited. Abbey b and Charlotte are coming but I don’t know who else is coming.

November 15

The Fete

On the 10th of Nov it was the Fete. We did the Fete to raise money. The Fete went from 5-8pm.

Me, Montanah & Jessica went on this really fun ride.   You sit on a seat and you go round and round. It was really fun!

I had the best time ever!

November 15


On Saturday and Sunday I was doing ballet the whole time and I had to put makeup on which I hate. I was so tired my legs were aching at night. But I had a really good time. I had my photos taken and we just practised our dances.

November 2

My weekend🎃🌱

On Saturday I went up to Howqua with my Dad and my brother and Stiffie. We only went up there for 1 night and 2 days. We planted some pumpkins.

On Sunday I was getting ready for Halloween.

On Monday I went to the Reject Shop and I saw Jessica. She asked my Mum if I wanted to come try something new.

On Tuesday I was helping my Dad for the whole day gardening and other things.

November 2

The birthday party!

On Saturday I went to my cousin’s birthday party. It was at Jet’s gymnastics. She was turning 10. It was really really fun. Inside of the cake was rainbow and white icing around the outside of the cake. And there were rainbow freckles around the cake as well.