October 5

My birthday

Today is my birthday!   My Mum made 2 cakes – one for school and one for tonight.  We made a big one and a small one.   The small one was for tonight and the big one was for school.  The big was for school because there are heaps of people in my class and there are only 4 people  in my family.  The cakes look so good.  They both had m and m’s in the middle on the top.  The small one had kit kats around the cake and the big one had chocolate icing on the sides.  So that was my birthday!

September 6

Father`s Day

Yesterday was Father`s Day.  We gave my Dad a big breakfast.  I gave him a travel mug and a real mug that had moustaches on it.  And I gave him crunchies – 8 of them.  I had the best day ever!!!!!!!!


August 20

Book week!!!!!!!


Today is book week.  I dressed up as Alice Miranda.  My brother Riley went as The Cat in the Hat.  🐱And the🎩.  I had a great day… it was awesome!  We did heaps of different activites.  I made a paper piranha.  I put glitter on it.  I got peeked for best dressed.  I got a photo from Miss Mckinnis but the first time I closed my eyes.  Miss Mckinnis had to come and find me to come and take another photo of me.

August 8

I’m going to London!!!!!!!!!

Next year I’m going to London!  I’m so excited I can’t wait.  We’re  going to London because my Dad’s friend Webbie is getting married there.  He lives there too.  So we’re going to the wedding.   When we’re there we might be going to Harry Potter World.  We asked my nanny and grandad if they wanted to come but they said NO!

August 4

The Olympics

In class we are learning about the Olympics.  We’re researching about Albania.  I have found out that the country of Albania is in the continent of Europe.  So tomorrow we will be dressing up in black and red.

Last Friday it was the Olympics as you know.  On Friday we did all these activities.  We did shot put, hurdles, scooter races, balloon volleyball and more.  Everybody had fun.  My favourite event was the scooter races. We all had a great time.


August 2

All about me.

Hi my name is Abbie.  I am in middle school.  My favourite colour is red.  My favourite animal is a deer.  The sports that I  do are ballet, jazz , swimming and netball.  I have 2 dogs.  My Dad is a painter and my Mum is a chef.  My Mum works at Deli Europa.

July 21


Hunting is the best!  I go hunting every holiday.  Me, my Dad and my brother go hunting all together.  My favourite part about hunting is when they walk the dogs in.   I love hunting!!!!!!!!!!!

October 19

The movie night!

On the weekend I watched Mouse trap.In the Movie Mouse trap they put lots and lots of Mouse traps on the ground,

and the Mouse who was so smart just  touched the olive and they all came heading for the 2 man, and hit them.One of the Mouse traps hit one of the mans lip.They both worked at a string factory.And the other weird thing was that a piece of the mans jumper got caught on a hook , and the man thurght it was a piece of string , and put it throgh a

hole and it went into the machine , and his clothes came of.The end!